Don’t give up.

I toevluchthaven’t bot on here ter years but I have a question that I hope you can help mij with.

I have never heard of someone being born with cancer. Im so sorry.

Good for you. you do seem so positive with so many good qualities. Keep ter mind there are studs and women out there with lesser obstacles to overcome also wishing to find the right someone to spend their lives with. so don’t feel less than if you toevluchthaven’t met him yet. I wish the best for you!

I have not heard of anyone being born with cancer. I hope that the surgery liquidated it and you are now cancer free. I also did not there is such a thing spil a Voice Prosthesis. Just be youself and someone will come along that will appreciate the ‘positative, outgoing, funloving person that you are.’ It is like when you lose something, when you zekering looking you will find it/him. I can’t speak for online dating I am married.

I hope you find a soul mate, and stay cancer free.

I dont have nice response for this. because I am not that much pro ter relationship but I wanna say &quot,Wish You Best of Luck&quot, . entire heartly

Is there a support group for people who have had your type of surgery? They might be able to suggest some advice.

Thank you! I did not have the surgery because I had Cancer athough the Radiation I had spil a child caused one of my vocal straps to be paralyzed and a very narrow airway. I had the surgery b/c my breathing wasgoed getting worse (that narrow airway) and I wasgoed gasping

So I guess you can say that Cancer indirectly caused mij to have this surgery. Oh and BTW, when I wasgoed born, there wasgoed his vloedgolf ball size tumor on my neck that obviously developed te my mother’s belly.

Anyway yes there is a support group – WEB Coos – that I found before the surgery so I wasgoed very informed of what lie ahead. The downside to this surgery is that the majority of people who have this surgery are: older fellows – 70’s/80’s – who have had Mouth Cancer. My case wasgoed not the vaandel spil I’m not a smoker, I didn’t have Cancer/Radiation (now) and I’m youthfull. No one on the support group forum can relate to mij and my &quot,problem’ spil they’ve bot married for years. Heck no one even works anymore.

Surely they have sons.

Lady03, If you write hubs here, for which this forum is mostly about, you may connect with a loterijlot of people here. You may not get, ehem, a hubby, but you will surely get people who will appreciate your thoughts and stories.

I honestly believe you just made the very first step with this postbode. I delighted at reading your question, te that, before I wasgoed done reading it, I wasgoed smiling. Hope you understand my meaning.

Unluckily I don’t understand your meaning. Blame it on the surgery, it’s only bot a month so I’m still not indeed with it Even my hair is falling out b/c of the Anesthesia.

I would hazard a guess that he is perhaps interested?

I am sorry for your situation. I couldn’t imagine it. If I were ter this situation, I would tell the guys ahead of time. There may be some that walk away. But there may be that one who sees the beauty ter you. If not before, then after. Many people, aren’t too quick to hop into a relationship when they know what is coming ahead. Afterwards when its all done, may be your best chance. It will be hard. Don’t give up. There is someone out there, waiting to find you. Who will love you for who you are, and not your physical problems.

I have gone through breast cancer and recently had reconstruction surgery, so I have a little understanding of how you voorwaarde be feeling. I feel like the bride of Frankenstein with all my scars. However, I do believe that love can toebijten where you lest expect it. Look at someone like Joni Tada – a quadriplegic who found an able-bodied hubby. Reminisce a movie – I believe it is called &quot,The Other Side of the Mountain&quot, – and the sequel? The heroine found love not merienda but twice. Keep hoping! If the guys around you are too shallow not to see your good qualities, they aren’t keepers anyways.

Thanks for the support! A woman at work went out Two weeks before I did and had a dual Mastectomy. To be cautious, she is getting Chemo and is having a hard time with it. So my thinking/feelings are is that whenever you embark feeling sorry for yourself for your situation, other people are suffering more. It’s funny, a mutual friend told mij that this woman said the same thing about mij – that my situation is worse b/c they took away my voice. I attempt to be upbeat but kinda get down spil I can’t (ok, don’t feel comfy) going out with my friends yet to caf, wherever wij used to go and I am feeling ‘left out’ if you will. They are going ahead with their lives and I feel I am taking a step back. And however I attempt not to feel sorry for myself, no one has called to say, can I come overheen to visit, etc. My co-workers have bot coming overheen, texting, emailing mij to see how I am doing, suggesting any help they can. If I say something to my friends, it’s like I’m asking for attention and I don’t want to do that.

I think you’re incredible. just pouring your heart out to a slagroom utter of strangers. it’s very plucky. But you don’t seem like you’re asking for pity at all. you are simply just one more person fighting to make it thru life with the palm you’ve bot dealt. You’re fairly inspirational.

Hey, ladypo3. I lived next om to a woman with an ElectroLarynx. Hier circumstances were different because it wasgoed the result of a car accident ter which hier mouth wasgoed crushed, but the result wasgoed the same.

Thank you LongTimeMother – that wasgoed very helpful! Yea, it doesn’t matter what the circumstances were for getting a Laryngectomy, wij all face the same thing. I’m grateful that there has bot many advances te medicine that I am able to have a Voice Prosthesis spil I don’t like using the ElectroLarynx (EL) and would hate to have to use it forever/only means of communication. I am going to refrigerio today with a group of dudes (and their wives) who all use the EL for communication. It will be interestng to talk with them and get their prospective on things. Spil I mentioned, the things they went through/go through will be a little different then mine b/c they all had Cancer and Radiation plays a big part ter how things are for them ie: scarring, range of motility ter their neck, re-occurance(s) of Cancer, etc.

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