12 Year Olds, Know Your Meme

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12 Year Olds is a collective term used online to categorize prepubescent children te the age group of Ten to 14, most commonly those of the masculine gender, and the characterizations that come along with it, whether the individual falls within that age-range or not.


Ter North America, the Internet became readily available for prepubescents with America Online and other similar services te the late 1990s, but the population of the age group witnessed a visible increase te online presence following the launch of early social networking websites, such spil MySpace and Facebook, spil well spil multiplayer gaming platforms ter the early 2000s.


Youthfull Internet users have gained a negative online reputation, commonly characterized by their inexperience, inarticulateness, lacking sense of humor, bad grammar and punctuation, spil well spil an eagerness to gezond ter. Due to online anonymity, older users exhibiting behaviors commonly associated with 12 year olds often risk being categorized spil one or claimed one spil well. Certain pic sharing websites and boards, such spil 9gag or Reddit’s atheism [Four] and f7u12 [Five] (rage comics) sub-Reddits, also have a broad reputation of having a youthfull userbase. Spil of September 13th, 2012, Urban Dictionary gives overheen 400 definitions when looking for “12 year olds”. [1] Most of thesis definitions satirically describe online communities that have a reputation of being popular with 12 year olds. Uncyclopedia [Two] and Encyclopedia Dramatica [Three] also feature articles for bashing 12 year olds and their presence online, providing quotes commonly associated with them and examples of where they can be found.

Te Online Gaming

Te online gaming, 12 year olds, or just youthfull children ter genérico, are commonly characterized by a high pitched voice, lack of skill, and being a sore loser. Albeit another popular opinion is that youthful players and their style of gameplay tend to ruin the joy for other players or even the spel’s online multiplayer function downright. On YouTube, various movies can be found of people trolling or griefing youthfull players to catch their reactions on gauze for the entertainment of the viewer.

Related Memes

I’m Twelve Years Old And What Is This?

“I’m Twelve Years Old And What Is This?” is a catchphrase typically used to react to something that is considered vulgar or outlandish, such spil x-rated media, or to express normal confusion. The phrase parodies the inexperience of youthfull users found on the internet and the content they might find that is still unknown to them, but well known to older, more experienced, users. The phrase also made its way spil a popular reaction picture, featuring pics of people, commonly children, looking at a screen on a different object with a confusing look on their face.

Very first Day On The Internet Kid

Very first Day On The Internet Kid is an advice animal picture macro series featuring a youthfull kid being depicted spil a fresh and inexperienced Internet user who is unacquainted with certain aspects of the web, he is often described spil a junior version of Lonely Rekentuig Stud / Nipt Noob.

Summer Fag

Summer Fag is an advice animal pic macro series featuring a masculine tiener on a pc accompanied by captions depicting the boy spil an inexperienced newcomer to the 4chan pic houtvezelplaat community.

Search Rente

Note: Search rente wasgoed diminished to just the categoy “Online Communities” to avoid results unrelated to the reputation of 12 year olds online.

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