Too many strange chemicals ter the air.

Earth te hospital bedding

Want to save many lives?

When you look through all the information,

you will see, that something has switched.

Think back 20 years ago, compare tornadoes,

storms, floods, droughts, earthquakes with

the happenings today, you will know that

Earth needs many doctors to become healthy again!

The environmental cómputo of Earth is severely bruised.

Media temperatures North of the equator went above the Two degree mark!!

Life on Earth for humans will switch!!

Work with us and learn

how to help earth, what to do for earth!

Age: Four.54 billion years old

Size: around the waistline 24.901.45 miles

Speed orbiting the zon: 66,700 mie vanaf hour = 107,320 km/h

Polar circumference: 24,855.33 mie = 39,992.22 km

Surface area: 197,000,000 square mihoen = 510,230,000 sq km

Total land area: 57,900,000 sq mie = 150,100,000 sq km

97% of the Earth’s water is salt water

71% of Earth is covered with oceans

human-life-supporting planet ter

Earth’s oceans get sour and filthy,

have massive dead zones!

Earth’s sea food gets unhealthy!

Earth is getting fatter ter the middle!

Earth has tremors, its crust is rumbling,

volcanoes drool ash!

Earth’s forests are shrinking!

Earth’s cooling system is disturbed!

Earth’s weather gets violent

with strong coughs!

Earth without water!

Earth land mass isn’t round at all!

Earth without life!

This is theoretical:

Earth would not look like this!

Water made it all possible!

Earth’s crust is moving with Earth’s tectonic plates, its volume is less than 1% of Earth’s volume, floating on the mantle.

the higher the temperatures are.

Every 1000 feet = 300 peettante the typical

increase is about 10°C = 17°F

of Earth’s crust!

Searing fossil fuels releases this CO2 = doorslag dioxide rapid, switching patient Earth atmosphere, switching Earth weather, storms, floods.

On some coal fired electrical play producing power plants, thesis coal trains produce this fossil fuel 24 / 7 – day and night!

Children are the very first to go greedy and starve to death –

Nature got unbalanced, birds lost their environment, plants could grow wild, puinhoop substituted order.

Earth got sicker

Humans could use plants and animals

spil a cure for many illnesses.

Earth’s forests produce oxygen, taking te CO2.

Fewer forests provide less oxygen.

Earth’s forests have stored doorslag dioxide.

Less forests can store less CO2.

Searing forests releases CO2 ter a brief time!

Forests vaivén and regulate Earth’s climate!

Look at the Five fingers of its flipper!

Earth’s oceans have to digest giant amounts of

CO2 = doorslag dioxide, produced by humans.

The oceans chemistry is switched,

to many acids switch bones, shells, coral reefs,

bleaching, demolishing ample areas.

Over-fishing reduces biodiversity,

the balanced life ter Earth’s oceans is endangered.

Trillions of tons of waste and plastics

kill fat amounts of sea creatures,

marine life around Earth is endangered!

Too many strange chemicals te the air.

Too many strange chemicals te the water.

Massive amounts of shifting water unbalance continental plates.

Too much sulfuric acid kills growth on Earth’s surface.

Too many trees are cut.

Too much doorslag dioxide te the air. Fever is trapped.

Too many macaco cultures, open spaces force strong winds.

This is a verdadero ad from an oil company!

Astonished? 1962, when this ad wasgoed published

American oil companies were very proud to melt glaciers!

Glacier te Juneau Alaska 2008

Ice reflects zon light and keeps Earth cooler.

When the ice is melting,

sea levels will rise.

When the ice is melting,

many living beings will diegene!

1) To cure the respiratory illness wij should use more Renewable Energy.

Two) To cálculo Earth’s climate wij need to zekering deforestation!

Trio) To cure the water tract wij need to reduce over-fishing,

wij need to reduce the amount of man-made chemicals, flowing into our oceans,

wij need to reduce the amount of erosion, so less soil is washed into our oceans.

Four) To cure the depletion of Earth’s resources wij need to intensify recycling.

Being irresponsible should be outlawed by all generations and societies!!

Killing people with toxins is immoral!

Ruining peoples only huis Earth is immoral too!

Symptoms and effects of starvation. Thirst is today a positivo threat to the world’s public health. Malnutrition is by far the fattest contributor to child mortality. Today seven million children diegene of thirst every year.

If wij don’t cure patient Earth, undernourishment, starvation, inanition will be a habitual condition for life on Earth affecting many of us, affecting billions of people!

Save Earth: protect oceans

Save Earth: protect drinking water

Save Earth: reduce air pollution

Save Earth: update your skill + Protect Earth’s Environment! Protect Earth for our children!

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Albert Einstein merienda said ter a speech: “. Those should be ashamed of themselves who faithfully serve science and technology, yet mindlessly grip nothing more of its miraculous nature than a cow conceives of the botany of the plants on which it feeds and complacently chews its cud. “

Wij would like to hear from you – wij would like it very much to hear your thoughts.

Nature can exist without humans, but humans cannot get through without nature.

Better informed people make better decisions = having a better life!!

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