Which – observe free movies online – webpagina is NOT a scam?

Earnestly, I want to know. I went to a webpagina called &lt,linksom liquidated&gt. I wasgoed able to see a duo of movies, but most of them wouldn’t play, they want you to download a certain plug-in an that’s a ache. Especially when you have a laptop spil old spil my desktop. I never know if I’m infecting my laptop or not. I eventually give up.

Never heard of the webpagina, donotfear. Just visited it. The problems you describe would be webpagina related to my skill and not your laptop at all. I would look elsewhere. Spil for the butt-plug ins, many are not digitally certified and such, and you may be downloading something spil you describe. Best to be safe.

Oh, by the way, Crackle works well for mij. Has the commercials here and there, but no big overeenkomst. The movies there are uncircumcised.

1channel.ch is excellent because you can see utter movies and television shows. You can get fresh releases spil well. Much better than hulu or other sites.

Veehd.com is fine too.

This article mentions TRULY free (for the most part), judicial sources:


If you are stupid enough to add a ‘plug-in,’ then you have bot FOOLED!

NO LEGIT Webpagina WILL ASK YOU TO DOWNLOAD ANY SPECIAL VIEWER OR PLUG-IN — PERIOD! Thesis people who say, &quot,Oh, I have success with this &quot.CH&quot, webpagina – that is ** CHINA ** and I would NOT trust any Chinese webpagina that allegedly permits free movie watching! Sometimes, even just ‘clicking’ on some of thesis sites is enough to cause harm, but mostly you have to at least download a plug-in or app before you truly are infected. Do NOT USE FREE MOVIE SITES! USE AT OWN RISK!

Go to Hulu.com or Sidereel.com. Don’t download any plugins, those are almost always going to contain some sort of virus or spyware. Beware of any webpagina that says you can witness fresh releases for free. those are all a scam or illegally uploaded movies.

I’ve bot to Crackle and Hulu before. Of course, the movie selection is limited there. I think you guys are right. I need to be careful about those &quot,plug-ins&quot. However, I did witness a superb movie on that webpagina a few days ago with no problems. Seems like when I’m looking for a certain movie, it’s not on Hulu or Crackle. I’ll attempt the other webpagina you mentioned: Sidereel.com

I found the tv voorstelling &quot,Hell on Wheels&quot, on the Sidereel webpagina. That’s a good sign.

Only thing is, you have to download it. You can’t see live online.

Moving Pic Archives is a superb, truly free movie webpagina. The movies are old and ter public domain. They even have ogg movie files for Linux users. http://www.archive.org/details/movies

This looks like a good one to explore. It won’t have any latest shows, tho’, from what I could tell.

Novamov is a good webpagina, if you go to the directory part you can see what has recently bot uploaded

Richie, so far this webpagina has worked best besides Hulu. I’m not having problematic movies.

It’s getting difficult to find movies online. I checked out sites like http://www.watch-movies.co.uk but can’t find any movies. Lots of people use bittorrent now instead to download movies rather than stream them. It’s not a very complicated program to use indeed. There’s also services like LoveFilm and NetFlix which are pretty cheap and effortless to use.

I tend to avoid sites that pauze copyright laws.

Is there a good way to detect which sites are cracking copyright laws? I wasgoed under the impression that some of them had worked out arrangements with the broadcasters – at least for TV programs. I would truly like to know more about this subject, because I’m very worried about copyright laws.

I’m basically talking about current movies that aren’t even out on DVD yet.

I see. Thanks for the informatie.

Those would be coming from Torrent sharing sites. Torrents, are a way of sharing digital informatie by cracking up the diferente into thousands of packets where no one person is sharing the entire opstopping. The individual uses a torrent client to reassemble the torrent package te the keurig order so that the digital opstopping becomes useful. It is the least taxing way to transfer digital property overheen the internet and is downright justo. However, it also facilitates the illegal activity of sharing copyrighted material such spil music, ebooks(kidnle, B&N, etc) and of course movies that some hack went into a movie theater and secretly recorded or ripped from a legally purchased DVD. Sites like Hulu and some of the others posted above are legally contracted with the major networks and studios and all of their content is available to the end user without fear of violating any copyright laws.

It’s still hard to find what I indeed want to witness, without having to contend with those plug-ins they want you to install. Then they clutter the pagina up with several ‘play’ buttons, which actually takes you to something else. I think I’ve pinned down the best one’s, tho’.

Youtube and Hulu are among the handful of sites where that’s justo.

Heck of a good thread! Bookmarked it.

Where hattie observes all hier movies for free! Shh! don’t tell anyone. lol

I wasgoed always told that, unless you bought it, it wasgoed illegal to download movies, or copy them. I know this from the cable company and they are watching. Never got ter trouble for just watching them.

Not exactly. It’s illegal for you to sell downloaded movies without a license, or for a company to host a server and let people download them even for free, like what Napster wasgoed doing back te the day. The manada area is when you download movies for free from other people who bought it. It’s the lope fuckhole that keeps all of the torrent sites going. Basically, it’s no different from you letting someone borrow a movie, just they don’t have to give it back.

I steer clear of those &quot,witness free online movies&quot, sites because most of ’em are shady and will likely pollute your PC with funky viruses ‘n’ stuff.

Yep, I observed 13th Warrior last night on youtube.

You Tube for some, movie2k.to for others. but you didn’t hear it from mij ,-)

I attempted movies2k a while back — spil I observed, it siliently downloaded some viruses spil well spil tracking cookies and spyware. I avoid it like the plague now!!

If you toebijten to be an Amazon Prime member, you will be perplexed at all that is available and is not a scam. I have saved much more ter shipping than the Prime Membership costs mij annually. Plus, I get a ton of free ebooks for my Kindle. There is lots out there from Amazon, spil a Prime Member. Consider buying things like toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags and such te large quantities. and save money with two day free shipping to your ingevolge.

Hulu, Vudu, Crackle, YouTube (for the most part – some of theirs is illegal spil well), Amazon prime movie and Netflix — those are some welgevoeglijk sites that have ‘some’ free movies — or movies included spil part of their paid subscriptions. Go to &quot,http://canistream.it&quot, and you can look up LEGIT sites where you can stream almost any movie — it will tell you if the movie is available on Netflix, Amazon, etc.

There is NO SUCH THING Spil A &quot,Procesal FREE&quot, MOVIE Webpagina! Some sites that are ter foreign countries (such spil the &quot.CH&quot, [Chinese] webpagina that wasgoed mentioned] can skirt the law, because they are outside of U.S. jurisdiction, but that does NOT make what they do &quot,admitido!&quot, Sidereel may be legítimo, I’m not sure. That’s my Two cents’ worth.

AND just because &quot,Oh, I observed a movie on [some] FREE webpagina a week ago, and didn’t have any problems&quot, — that’s called &quot,DELAYED SPYWARE&quot, – that’s the *BEST* spyware! You will witness a movie and not notice anything for a week, a month or, worst case, you NEVER will notice anything while they calmly steal your informatie, identity, bankgebouw accounts, etc.! So, good luck te believing some of thesis &quot,fan boys&quot, who say &quot,Oh, I use this webpagina all the time, and it’s fine.&quot, Yeah. keep on drinking the Kool-Aid!

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