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Overheen the last 20 years online dating has grown to become a massive industry. Spil a matter of fact most people do not realize it but the online dating industry is actually the Three rd largest online industry, just behind music and movie. YES! It is Truly that big. Billions of dollars have bot spent off the idea that the ideal person maybe waiting for you online. Today you can find ems of thousands of online dating sites all around the world, something for every rente, location, or lifestyle. From Millionaire sites, to dating webpagina for those with STD’s, to dating for self-proclaimed geeks, it’s all there for the taking. Online dating is truly everywhere, but now that there are so many specialized sites on offerande what affect does that have on the overall online dating market?

Or perhaps a better question. What will take people offline ter the next Ten years and truly connect singles for meaningful relationships?

Before wij attempt to reaction that question, let mij explain what I see happening ter the online dating industry. Spil someone who researches online dating sites utter time and a close industry observer here is what I see happening.

The shrinking online dating market, Trust Multiplicador

This past year a probe by the PEW Research Center documented the fact that online dating is more socially accepted spil well spil the fact that more people are now using thesis types of online matchmaking services. The explore did not however, pinpoint specific dating sites but more so focused on bulking all ‘online dating’ technologies together. My eis is this. I and many other 30’s something singles would vehemently argue there are actually fewer and fewer, ‘online’ dating sites that are widely trusted. I truly believe the numbers of dating sites with a bright future is radically commencing to dwindle because of that. I also believe that online dating spil wij knew it ter its infancy is beginning to diegene off spil a fresh veelzijdig of internet connected matchmaking services are coming to the forefront. Here is how I would explain what is happening presently ter the online dating industry…

Social Media fills the socialization void and Free Dating Sites Win!

More people are using social media avenues to meet their socialization needs rather than sitting te dating webpagina talk rooms from their bedrooms. Whether that is perusing Facebook or Google Plus or engaging more on web Two.0 niche Communities, while fewer people use dating sites for just talking it up with random strangers spil they merienda did. People are getting smarter with technology and there time.

Likewise free dating sites are winning the day. 2014 Online Dating Statistics vertoning that sites like POF and OKCupid proceed to build up market share overheen premium dating sites. Statistics also vertoning that adult dating sites are on the rise. We’ll save that topic for another time since its still taboo ter some circles. However, thesis trends are all ominous signs for premium niche dating sites. I look at thesis trends together spil not something bad but part of the natural life cycle of the online dating evolution. Smarter, better, quicker, , you know the drill. We’ve bot here before and ter every fresh industry things evolve and (at least wij hope) things get better overheen time.

Along the way to perfection ideas will fail

Sites like Hitch.mij used to use LinkedIn profiles to help match people by common interests, backgrounds, and so forward. They used filters to regulate which profiles are seen by specific groups. While Hitch.Mij is no longer running, there are many other sites with similar features.

Isn’t good Online Dating Truly Offline Dating?

My question for you is, aren’t thesis technologies truly about being offline and actually dating? This is not online dating spil merienda knew it, it is dating and using modern technology from a phone. Call is semantics if you like, but that is why I believe ‘Online Dating’ spil wij knew before is dying and dying quick.

Two words: Mobile Apps

More people have smartphones than have computers and that will proceed to be the case te the foreseeable future. With apps you can do more ter less time which leaves more time for things that truly matter te your life. Mobile dating apps are not the just the future they are the present. Wij are presently te a time of massive transition te the online dating industry. It’s a time that is fraught with bad examples of good technology. Yes, I agree that there are tons of bad dating apps ter both the Apple store and spil well spil at Google play…and just a few good ones.

However, merienda more people are exposed to good mobile dating applications the transition will be much more unexpected and pronounced. Sure, senior dating sites for at least this generation maybe the only improvised mainstay, but even singles ter that niche too will make the transition overheen the longer haul.

So there you have it, online dating sites will be the old way of finding dates or so say mij!

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