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There are well overheen 1 million known species of insects ter the world, and some experts estimate that there might be spil many spil Ten million. This leaves 9 million to be discovered. Wij toevluchthaven’t even found them all yet let alone studied them. You want to squish, squash, unload and stronk on bugs but I think they’re some of the most fascinating creatures on earth.

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Fresh Discoveries

Fresh Discoveries toebijten all the time. Spil latest spil 2002 an Entomologist Oliver Zompro from Germany discovered an entirely fresh insect order.

Science te Africa tv-programma reports ” The latest recognition of a fresh order of insects, Mantophasmatodea, has bot dubbed spil “one of the most arousing” latest discoveries ter Zoology, boosting the total number of insect orders to 30. The formal description by entomologists of the fairly large, wingless creatures, which to the untrained eye resembles a cross inbetween a grasshopper and a pleading mantis, is the very first description of an insect order since the discovery of ice crawlers (Grylloblattodea) te 1914, almost a century ago.”

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A few interesting facts

  • 80% of the world’s food crops are pollinated by insects.
  • The main food of mosquitoes is nectar from flowers, not blood. Blood is needed by females for its protein, which helps the female lay its eggs.
  • An insect has no lungs. They take air ter through special openings called spiracles or directly through their skin. This is done by diffusion. (Diffisuion: The movement of oxygen from an area of high concentraion to one of lower concentration. Ter other words things sort of spread out to pack up the space like Steenkool Aide ter a glass of water.) Diffusion works best overheen petite distances which is one of the reasons insects are puny.
  • A mosquito hits it wings up to 600 times a 2nd.
  • One out of every four animals on earth is an insect.
  • Painted Lady butterflies migrate Three,000 miles from Africa to England.
  • Dragonflies have spil many spil 30,000 lenses ter each eye

The Wonderful Ant

Florida has the Fire Ant. Thesis are puny, crimson and mean. They are very quick to bite and bite anything they can.

Ants can lift 20 times their own figure weight.

Ants live inbetween 46 to 60 days.

Adult ants cannot chew and guzzle solid food. They eat juice which they squeeze from chunks of food.

There are overheen 10000 known species of ants.

Ants have two stomachs. One to hold food they eat and the other to hold food for other ants.

If an ant finds a good food source it will leave a trail of smell so that the other ants ter the colony can find the food.

Some birds waterput ants te their feathers because the ants squirt formic acid which gets rid of parasites.

Some ants grow gardens underground for food.

Some ants “herd” aphids and milk them for nector like food.

Ants will build “water traps” te their homes to keep out rain.

The Fire Ant

Puny, crimson and mean. There isn’t anything good to say about Fire Ants. They both bite and bite. The bite is very irritating and, for people allergic to it, dangerous. They have large liberate mounds. The soil has the texture of sand. When you accidentally step on it or bother the ants they’ll bite and nibble you. They’ll also tell all their friends and you’ll have hundreds of thesis petite crimson ants all overheen you. FloridaEnvironment.com has good articles about Fire Ants and what wij are doing to control them. Don’t let them idiot you with the comment “brief term affects”. The bite is very painful and the irritation lasts for several days. The welt can stay for a week or more.

Wij can suggest a duo rules to go after if your te Florida. Never everzwijn leave spuitwater or other food te your car. You can’t believe how prompt ants can find it. Carry a can of Wasp splash ter your car. The ants can and do sometimes build a nest inwards your car. And they can do it rather quickly. If you see an ant mound ruin it. Fire Ants travel and make subdivisions.

Fire Ants affect our native species. Besides taking overheen tópico spiders and other ants who are beneficial they’ll also affect larger animals such spil ground nesting birds. Fire Ants have no natural predator here te the U.S. so the government has obtained a puny fly from South America that lays it’s eggs te Fire Ants. This kills the Fire Ants.

Featured Creatures, an article written by Laura Collins and Rudolf H. Scheffrahn of the University of Florida is total of information about the fire ant. They tell us that “The diet of foraging workers consists of dead animals, including insects, earthworms, and vertebrates. Workers also collect honeydew and will forage for sweets, proteins, and fats te homes. They are sometimes attracted to piles of dirty laundry.” They also tell us that “The nibble possesses venom of an alkaloid nature, which exhibits potent necrotoxic activity. Approximately 95% of the venom is composed of thesis alkaloids, which are responsible for both the ache and white pustule that shows up approximately one day after the bite occurs. The remainder of the venom contains an aqueous solution of proteins, peptides, and other puny molecules that produce the allergic reaction ter hypersensitive individuals.” There is a photo of the pustules that thesis ants stings produce. There is a loterijlot more te this article that anyone interested ter Fire Ants whould want to know.

Paper Wasps

Paper wasps gather fibers from deadwood and plant stems, (Here one is collecting fibers from the boards of the boardwalk at Wakodahatchee Wetlands). They mix this with slaver and use the combination to construct water-resistant nests made of gray or brown papery material. Paper wasps secrete a chemical which repels ants. They spread this around the pulvínulo of the nest anchor to keep ants from the youthful.

Paper wasps are not aggressive and attack only if they feel they or their nests are threatened. Thesis wasps are very beneficial spil they eat insect pests. I merienda observed a fly cross te vooraanzicht of mij. Spil it did so a wasp swooped down, grabbed the fly, took it to the top of the garage voort, stung it several times and then proceeded to eat it. Spil I wasgoed being swarmed by hoards of flies that summer I wasgoed very appreciative of the wasps efforts and to this day I have never killed another wasp.

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