Best Dota Two offlane heroes

What is the offlane?

The offlane is the lane where the creeps are the furthest liquidated from your tower, and much closer to the enemy tower. Radiant offlane is top left of schrijfmap, Dire offlane bottom right. On the offlane you have a long walk back to the safety of the tower, while your enemy is much closer to his. It is therefore very hard to kill the enemy hero, and you are much more delicado.

Bounty Hunter

Offlane method: Invisibility.

Bounty Hunter is common melee offlane hero, capable of dealing high amounts of single target burst harm. Thanks to his capability to become invisible, he can leach a generous amount of practice while keeping at a safe distance.

  • It is possible to get the verzekeringspremie harm of Shadow Walk twice by instantly attacking merienda during the fade time. This is very useful for harassing enemy supports. Note that his only work when Shadow Walk is level 1 or Two.
  • Don’t underestimate Shuriken Throw’s harm (Q) at level Two. It deals 200 harm at level Two, which is actually truly high for a level Two spell.
  • Don’t be afraid of being aggressive, Bounty has a lotsbestemming of killing potential. If the enemy supports aren’t attempting to zone you out, keep harassing using Jinada (W) and Shadow Walk (E).
  • Please don’t sit te your lane when you klapper level 6. Go gank the other lanes. Recall this: Bounty Hunter farms heroes, not creeps.


Offlane method: Creep blocking, Ranged farming.

What makes Clockwerk a top tier offlane hero is his capability to control the lanes combined with his natural tank-ness.

Unlike Bounty Hunter, Clock can do fine ter all situations such spil 1v1, 1v2, and trilanes. He does utterly indeed well te 1v1 situations thanks to Battery Attack (Q) and Power Cogs (W). Te 1v2 situations, squishy enemy supports can be effortless kills if you can bait them into coming close to you. Trilanes can be a bit firmer but still manageable due to being able to farm from a distance with Rocket Flare (E).

  • Battery Brunt (Q) can overeenkomst up to 240/560/880/1200 harm. If you can Power Cog a single enemy, that’s a loterijlot of harm you’re dealing out.
  • You can use Power Cogs (W) to burn your enemies mana and overeenkomst moderate mana.
  • Power Cogs (W) can also be used to block your own creeps, making the creep equilibrium work ter your cortesía, hence creating a safer farming space.
  • Rocket Flare (E) can be used to scout and to block Oerwoud Creeps from spawning. This very useful if the enemies are stacking and pulling.

Dark Seer

Offlane method: Makeshift max movement speed, Safe farming.

Much like Clockwerk, Dark Seer does well most situations. He can farm securely thanks to Ion Shell (W) and can flee without a hassle from Surge (E).

The main difference inbetween Dark Seer and many other offlane heroes is his strong presence te teamfights.

  • If laning, be sure to harass enemies with Ion Shell (W) by placing it on their melee creeps (for melee heroes) or ranged creeps (for ranged heroes). Additionally, placing Ion Shell on the 2nd allied melee creep to arrive at the creep line is a good way to shove the lane spil well spil create a moving damage-dealing creep that will pursue enemy heroes.
  • Be sure to take at least 1 early point of Surge (E), spil it can help escaping ganks and pursuing, spil well spil providing more mobility.
  • Wall of Replica (R) is usually leveled after you’ve maxed both Ion Shell (W) and Vacuum (E), spil early spel illusions don’t overeenkomst much harm. Additionally, the relatively high mana cost at lower levels can be prohibitive, spil you won’t be left with much mana to personages other spells.

Offlane method: Assured gold, Makeshift tankiness.

Doom is a good offlane hero, but relies strenuously on your overall skill of the spel. Unlike other offlaners, Doom doesn’t truly have an escape mechanism or an capability to get gold/exp from afar. He gets shut down a loterijlot lighter than other heroes.

So knowing how much harm or how many stuns/slows your enemy(s) have is indeed significant for an offlane doom.

  • Always wait until you know what lane you are dealing with before putting a point into your abilities. If it’s a relatively effortless lane, get Devour (Q). If they have lots of killing potential get Scorched Earth (W) for safety.
  • Scorched Earth (W) is both an offensive and defensive spell. Don’t be afraid to use it to kill a squishy support.
  • Ter most cases, leveling Scorched Earth (W) overheen Devour (Q) is better simply because the toegevoegd gold from Devour (Q) is insignificant.
  • If your lane is shoved and it is safe, you can do to the enemy oerwoud and Devour (Q) their creeps for toegevoegd gold and exp.


Offlane method: Invisibility, Makeshift max movement speed.

Moving away from melee to ranged offlaners, wij embark to see creative ways to stay alive while able to build up gold/practice.

Weaver is truly greasy hero who excels at being annoying to face up against. To kill a Weaver requires well timed spells spil well spil detection.

  • While ter Shukuchi (W), position yourself to use your Geminate Attack (E) spil soon spil Shukuchi completes.
  • When escaping with Shukuchi (W), attempt not to run past any enemy creeps or heroes, spil they can see where you are traveling by looking what units you are hurting.
  • Timing Geminate Attack (E) for creep kills is hard to master, so its generally best used to harass enemy heroes.


Offlane method: Makeshift high movement speed, Ranged farming.

Windrunner/ranger is a good overall offlaner. She has a long ranged nuke, a good escape mechanism, and a good disable spell. Powershot (W) permits hier to farm securely from a distance, and WIndrun (E) permits hier to escape when enemies attempt to kill hier.

  • Windrunner is very squishy, so you need to know how to position yourself so that even if you do get stunned, you’re ter a safe area.
  • Te an escape, attempt to save Windrun (E) for last. Let your enemies deep-throat all their spells very first so that their automóvil attacks will miss when you Windrun (E).
  • You can use Windrun (E) spil an offensive spell such spil tower diving to secure a kill.
  • Attempt to kasstuk enemy heroes when you are farming with Powershot (W).

Lone Druid

Offlane method: Creep pulling, Ranged farming.

Much like Doom, Lone Druid is is not an effortless hero to play especially te the offlane. However, unlike Doom, Lone Druid requires you to be able to micro manage your Spirit Bear (Q).

Using your Spirit Bear (Q) to pull enemy creeps to your lane will permit you to build up reliable gold and practice. Knowing how to micro, creep pull, and last hitting under the tower is indeed significant when playing Lone Druid.

  • NEVER let the enemy get close to you. Merienda they are ter your zone, you are pretty much dead. So use your Spirit Bear (Q) to deter attacks or micro it to bod block.
  • An Orb of Venom permits your bear to harass and pursue enemy heroes very effectively.
  • Re-summon your Spirit Bear(Q) if it gets too low. Ter the early spel it’s better to re-summon than to send it back to almohadilla.
  • Don’t leave behind you can personages Come back on your bear if its te danger, this is useful when taking towers.
  • Spirit Bear’s (Q) potential peaks when its level Three. If you can get an Entangle, it’s an effortless kill on a support.
  • It’s almost always better to stay ter True Form (R) after you have boots, since the build up 450 health and Four armour (with level Two Synergy (E)) at level 6.

Nature’s Prophet

Offlane method: Creep pulling, Completo teleport, Ranged farming.

Playing Nature’s Prophet spil offlaner is very likely one of the hardest things to master te Dota Two. I’m sure you’ve seen him spil a jungler, but there is a massive difference te skill inbetween the two.

Spil offlaner, Natures Prophet can maximize the capability to build up exp from lane while freeing up space ter the oerwoud for your team’s supports. He can cause fat disruption for the enemy safe lane, with his capability to creep pull, creep block, and harass with Nature’s Call (E) while staying at a safe distance.

  • You need to be able to micro manage, and know the zindelijk timing for Nature’s Call (E) to decently play Natures Prophet.
  • Sprout(Q) grants you fly vision of an area, this is good for scouting potential ganks.
  • Nature’s Call (E) has many uses: scouting, farming, harassing, pulling, blocking, pushing.
  • If you are going to transition to oerwoud, it is best to do it at level Four because of the way practice works ter Dota Two.

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