I usually go &quot,window shopping&quot, with my wifey but I always buy items (for my own use) by myself.

Why do most studs hate shopping?

because, they PAY?

It’s basically lodged, Guys normally like shopping spil long spil they get what they need, and Women should know enough to give them a Sports or Mechanical or Science Tijdschrift before dragging them to shop with them

The things that women shop for te the main do not rente dudes. That causes fellows to lose rente very quick. Think about it, how many time does a woman take a stud shopping for electronics where he doesn’t want to be there.

cause sitting te a spanbroek store gets them sorta turned on so they have to think about other not so pleasant things so that they don’t get a chubby and get scorned by natures deeds. LOL.

The other half of there anatomy stands to attention

You’re right about that. I hate shopping. Don’t mind grocery shopping, cause I like to eat. But all other kinds I do on line, including all Christmas shopping.

Most fellows don’t hate to shop. They do it all the time.

Very intersting idea. I wonder if fellows orientated shopping centres would be a success

Simply they cannot manage it decently.

Clearly you don’t have gay masculine friends.

Dudes don’t hate shopping, they just shop for different things. Have you everzwijn had to wade through acres of tractors, with a man who has no intention of buying? Have you visited every lawn and garden store te a hundred mile radius, looking for that volmaakt grill? I have, with several farmers.

Um, yeah. Shop with a masculine bouwmeester/designer (my bf) ter the huis section of any store. It will pauze you from any idea that guys don’t like shopping. I’ve never seen anyone go so nuts overheen huis furnishings te my life. lol

because. it’s a secret.

Because it’s boring. Unless you are shopping for a fresh motorcycle, Zero joy multiplicador

Boring . surely not!!

Ok, grocery shopping clothes and shoe shopping can be boring for dudes. But surely you like to go hunting for little vineyards to taste and buy some good wine Mark

Well, if that is shopping, I am all overheen it.

It also often involves tactfully explaining that tis blouse is just spil flattering spil the last 28. Even if they all looked like the same blouse.

Because of queues, because of shop assistants that don’t help but hassle you, because often they have everything you don’t want but not what you do, because you get to see explosions of things there’s no way you can afford, because it’s boring and because I never have enough money for buying anything exclusief from items I need – and sometimes I don’t even have enough for that – and it’s time consuming! Yes, I hate shopping!

Because wij usually get dragged to the shops by our other half who just wants to look at clothes and jewellery all day long and not go anywhere near the fucktoy or zweem shops..or even the comic shop. I’m sure some of the people ter the womens clothes store think I’m eyeing up a sexy little number on the clothes rack for myself. talk about feeling paranoid!

Te a scale of zero to ten, I would like to rate shopping spil six. I don’t indeed hate shopping because I always have a list and I’m not ashamed of looking at it te the grocery or mall. The list is a sort of a map-guide for mij and I usually do my shopping ter Ten minutes (for brief errands) to two hours (for buying a month’s supplies). It’s basically about making up your mind te buying and not regretting that you toevluchthaven’t bought a marked-down voorwerp because you toevluchthaven’t seen it. (Marked-down items are still expensive, read the books &quot,Freakonomics&quot, and &quot,Undercover Economist&quot.)

I’m an Asian and usually salesladies are actually friendly here. I make a little talk, ask advise on what’s good and the next time I come shopping, they’ll be the very first to suggest help. That’s rapport – it’s good for business networking too.

Well, people are truly different but I liked shopping because I only shop if I truly have to buy. I usually go &quot,window shopping&quot, with my wifey but I always buy items (for my own use) by myself. My wifey is a bargain hunter, so I don’t usually haul hier along if I indeed love to buy something that’s not on the bargain. But if I dreamed to buy bargains, my wifey’s the best adviser yet.

So, fellows hate shopping because of hassles that goes with it, not truly the shopping vanaf se.

Studs don’t hate shopping wij just shop differently than woman. Wij find what wij need and wij buy it. For example woman buy underwear and they’ll attempt it on and ask their girlfriends if they look good te it. A man would never attempt on underwear ter a store and ask his best mate how his butt looks.

I guess the roles are reversed te our house. My hubby does 98% of our grocery and other shopping. And my daughters know that if they want mij to go to the mall, it vereiste be right when they open, when there is no one there yet! And never, everzwijn, everzwijn will do Xmas shopping at the mall. The crowds make mij claustrophobic. But my husbands’ beloved place other than Bass Professional Shops, is Wally World. He could spend all day ter there. Again, it would have to be Three o’clock ter the morning for mij or I’d have to be tipsy! (And I don’t drink!)

I think shailini had it right were paying.

Because women like it.

Spil you all know that thesis guys dont have patience so they always buy what they like.

I supose us women are picky and like to shop around fellows just buy anything they think looks good.

Exactly. When I shop it’s pretty much a get-in-get-out activity. I’m a terror at Wal-Mart!

shopping for most guys = buying clothes.

Because they Fear of Credit Card Debts

I don’t hate shopping ter theory.

Te my practice, you are right.. Dudes do hate shopping. But you know what? It could be joy if they permitted themselves to just pretend they are at a private style display screening. Go to Starbucks, grab a cup of java, get comfy ter a chair at your sexy shopper’s dearest store, and let hier waterput on a style voorstelling for you of all the good outifts she attempts on. Not only will she be excited that you are spending time with hier, who knows — she may even want to get something a little wilder to have a private style voorstelling for you zometeen.. Hmm.. gotcha thinking huh..

Shopping with hier gives you the chance to find out what SHE likes. Spil a online shopping consultant for years, I can tell you that most dudes don’t have a clue what women truly want. What do they want? Something they feel sexy te, something that makes them feel skinny, something that makes them feel captivating, something that makes them feel pretty or romantic –you get the idea. Merienda you know you’re gf’s or wifes true desires, you will better know how to gear your purchase. With the holidays around the corner, maybe pick out a sexy santa’s helper uitrusting for hier — nothing too exposing, just a nice little santa dress and maybe a pair of high-heeled slippers. Let hier get the horny undies — women do like to create their own little surprises too! Check out &lt,snipped promotional listig&gt,for some excellent sexy underwear, costumes, and clubwear.

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