It feels kinda nice.

Yep. This &quot,ol’ boy&quot, has bot let-down

How guys treat let-down’s

A loterijlot can be said about nice women. I mean a entire loterijlot. To my skill, this is a very first for mij, writing about a nice woman. And you know what? It feels kinda nice. Yes. Nice. And effortless to do.

Nice ladies are of course, nice spil they can be. To almost everyone they meet. Guys included. Something te how their parents raised them and instructed them to always keep a beaming smile on their lovely faces and a geyser of hope ter their zuivere hearts and life would work out to their advantage.

But uh, oh. One day “Mr. Cupid,” that low-life, hovered above our nice damsel and found hier heart a worthy target. So he slok his “love arrow,” into hier soul and before she realized what a blundering mistake she had made te agreeing to date the son of hier high schoolgebouw janitor, she wasgoed te too deep, heart and soul, all-in, spil poker players say. What a dilemma. How will our heroine escape?

But hier anxious bf, “Rechttoe Fitzaroni,” who loved the idea of following his dad’s mop-lines and being a high schoolgebouw janitor after graduation, never fathomed, even te his lonliest nights alone that his nice gf, “Debbie Wayright,” had a trick up hier sleeve. A way out of this bland relationship that had no chance to grow into anything truly serious.

Poor “Klinkklaar.” And those guys like him. They were never keen enough to see it coming down the tracks . . .a fast-moving locomotive named: “Volmaakt Let-Downs From Nice Chicks.”

See thesis following examples:

1.) “I’m not good enough for you,” stuns the youthfull man from asking, “what did “I” do wrong?” and other pointless questions. Nice women are lethal when they are waterput ter pressurized situations such spil breaking-up with over-zealous guys.

Two.) “Schoolgebouw and work are too much right now,” this let-down not only lets the poor dude down effortless, but exposes two logical truths that the poor man will very likely buy without argument.

Trio.) “You deserve a woman lots better than mij,” says an experienced nice dame who has let-down a few guys ter hier time. This let-down, if played right, permits the nice woman to be the “fall chick,” and take the blame for the relationship with a love-starved “boy from the slams,” not working out.

Four.) “Oh, ‘D.W.,’ wij can still be friends,” very likely the most widely-used let-down by nice and not-so-nice ladies. Albeit this soft let-down might ease the ache (some) that “ol D.W.” may be feeling, but how can he argue with the fact that his now-ex, “Julie Swift,” broke up with him because of something “he” did?

Five.) “I am not ter your league,” says a doll shedding crocodile tears to a shocked jock who thought he had a relationship with his high schoolgebouw’s valedictorian “ter the bag.” Why, “Mr. Jock,” do you think they named hier “valedictorian?” Look it up. That title means “indeed slim.”

6.) “I don’t getraind into your crowd. My fault.” “Ganso McCarley,” “C” student and strapped for a career te the grocery business spil a night shift stock boy, hears at his senior prom from his dame, “Nancy Sue Pride,” who knew that a long-lasting relationship with “Ignorante,” meant living with his parents with their two children, “Joe,” and “Jim,” and “Simplón’s” pet bloodhound, “Sparky.”

7.) “You need to see other damsels and not devote “all” of your time to mij,” a meek and caring, “Janet Simms,” huis economics wizard tells hier “ex,” “Willard Thrump,” a man destined for a life of “job-hopping,” from truck driving to short-order cook. “Janet,” sensed that on hier very first date with “Willard,” his lack of attention for hier when she spilled hier heart and soul to im about hier wishes te life only to find him staring past hier to admire a dieseltrein equipment that wasgoed parked te hier church parking lotsbestemming.

8.) “I know this sound wacky, but I am allergic to you. Funny, right?” this let-down is of genius stature. A mastermind of a lady sat up many late nights and thought this one up. She could copyright it and make millions, but she had rather “share” it with other nice chicks who want out of their “dead-end” relationships.

9.) “My parents and I are moving to Germany,” what a monumental let-down for some simple-minded stud to understand. Very first he is te awe of his soon-to-be-“ex” gf, then succesnummer hits him, “then, uhhh, you won’t be able to see, uhhh, mij, right?” “Lumpy Sweetwater,” manages to say spil his “ex,” “Margaret Lowenstern,” hides a big urge to laugh like a pony at his slow-grasping of being let-down.

Ten.) “I’m going to collegium this fall, full-time and I won’t be around, but you go out and date whatever doll you want,” – – a classic let-down that has everything a nice chick wants to use to get rid of hier beau, “Clarence Doughroot,” who desired hier to be a stay-at-home-wife and bake him brownies for when he came huis from work at his dad’s denture clinic. Notice the part of the let-down that gives him permission to date whomever he pleases without any spark of conscience. What boy, simpleton or Rhodes Scholar would feel bad at hearing this from his woman who has just let him down?

“Let Down’s From Nice Guys,” for all you nice damsels out there who have bot “given their walking papers,” from guys you thought were flawless.

For Your Information: “I” never used a let-down on ANY woman that I wasgoed blessed to date. I cared for them too much. Maybe that wasgoed why they let-me down “Very first.”

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