Love and Marriage Cartoons That Are Hilariously True, Reader – s Digest

Can you relate to thesis cartoons about the reality of romance?

Quality time

That particular vintage only gets more popular with age.

He’s submerged

Coming out of his shell

He wasn’t much of a talker, but she figured he wasgoed just being modest.

So realistic

The downside: dealing with twice spil much complaining.

Mother of all problems

Mutually assured destruction

The best kleintje of verdrag is one that involves minimal work.


All couples know that compromise is the most significant part of a relationship.

The accomplished is te

A marriage can only get through if you split up the responsibilities.

Love wasgoed ter the air

… and then it ended up the ground.

Something for the Mrs.

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Made for walking

She posted hier profile on

Party dress

The dating toneel can be rough. Baring your skin is a loterijlot lighter than baring your heart.

Don’t fear the reaper

The reaper’s dating profile read, “Loves long walks along the Styx.” She thought he meant the rock betrekking. Here are more funny cartoons about life and death.

Drowning te love

Their lives are literally overflowing with emotion.

A monumental affair

That explains the bills for the late-night ferry trips.

(Il)legalize it!

Yes, ter a state of mind.

Ultimately, a useful ‘do it yourself’ book

Marriage is all about making the most with what you have.

An evolving punt

Darwin didn’t see that one coming.

Open note dating

Better he voorstelling hier on the very first date than on their honeymoon.

Love at very first byte

What lies ter the deep

Marriage means putting up with your spouse’s weird quirks, like his clothing choices (or lack thereof).

Oui whee!

No one knows about l’amour better than the French.

Chapter 11: Fine Expectations (and Letdowns) of Marriage

A balmy attitude

The longer a duo is together, the more like the other they become. But he’ll never admit they both use the same shade.

Love is funny

Their children are named Bonkers and Liposuction.

Love is war

Couples’ party

You know you’re a close duo when you love (and hate) the same people.

Love at very first resfriado

Overlooking minor flaws is what love is all about. And if that love turns into a marriage, make sure you know thesis clever wedding jokes and quotes for the best wedding toast.

Frogs te love

Plot twist: One of them is a toad.

Party dress

Wij get it, taking the big dive into the dating pool takes a lotsbestemming of confidence. Fortunately, there’s a solution. Check out thesis cheesy pick-up lines ensured to get a laugh (if not love!).

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