Places where you can date a millionaire include: good restaurants, fashionable discos, kunst galleries, museums, the hippodrome, casinos, etc.

Finances, taxes and managing money have never bot my strong point. To be fair my only skill about money is how to spend it and love it. Having to write about finances has bot a superb challenge, I have never packed te a tax form by myself, I don’t do any investments and spil I mentioned before, any money ter my account seems to vanish at the speed of light. So what is my best advice to manage your finances? Easy… Marry a Millionaire!

You voorwaarde be asking yourself how? That is not possible. But if you take it spil a challenge, I can assure you that it is the easiest of things to do. The world is a onveranderlijk war, so like ter wars, you just need to have a tactic and use it. Reminisce to have joy te the pursue, love the battle and you will end up winning the war.

Find mij a millionaire .

How To Marry A Multi-millionaire

A comprehensive guide to marrying the super rich. The author shows you how to come in the High Nipt Worth dating circuit where most single multi-millionaires meet their wives.

Here are a few tips to get you commenced on the hunt and marry a millionaire:

1) Go to the “right places”. Dating a millionaire is effortless if you go to the right places. No offence but sitting ter your living slagroom watching romantic movies will never get you a man, never mind a millionaire! The best places I found to meet the right people are London, Marbella (Spain), Paris and the Alps.

Two) Merienda you have chosen your target town I’d suggest you begin doing some research and go to the top places. You don’t even need to spend a fortune doing this. Places where you can date a millionaire include: good restaurants, fashionable discos, kunst galleries, museums, the hippodrome, casinos, etc. Get to be known te thesis places by the right people, and soon you will make friends who will invite you to spend an afternoon at the horse-races, for example, without having to spend a penny. Mixing with the right crowd permits you entrance to the top places. I have a friend who went to boarding schoolgebouw te London but hier family lost all their money. She continued socialising with hier schoolgebouw friends who were always inviting hier (expenses paid) to fancy holidays. Because she continued living spil she wasgoed used to, surrounded by wealth and attention, she never lacked for anything. Now she is cheerfully married to a very wealthy and influencial Londoner.

Trio) Do some research about the studs available. Leave behind about the married ones, those too youthful (they only want to have joy with no commitment) and the too old (they cannot be bothered getting married again). This leaves you with a brief list, so now learn a bit about them, their interests, hobbies, the places they frequent, their friends. This is war and you need to be sure about the tactics you are going to use.

Four) Rule number one if you want to get married is: Do not look spil if you want to get married. There is nothing scarier for a man than a woman desperate to lodge down and cut off his freedom. Avoid the marriage subject.

Five) Acquire expensive tastes. Even if you cannot afford it, learn to identify a Chanel from a Jean Paul Gaultier just spil well spil a Picasso from a Reuben’s.

6) Learn about perfumes, it is very flattering for a man when you can identify his individual smell.

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