The more photos the better, but the magic number is four.

It happens to the best of us—you’re signing up for a dating app and you get to that step where it’s time to add your photos when you realize that the only pictures on your phone are of your dog, what you ate for dinner last week, and that random sunset that truly made your night last Friday. Most of us don’t have the volmaakt photo for our dating profile sitting there te our phone, waiting to go… Or do wij?

Spil it turns out, the flawless online dating photo for your profile may already be te your camera roll. You just need to know how to choose the right one. To help you out, the online dating webpagina and app Zoosk looked into the gegevens, and found a few data-backed tips about how to choose the best possible dating photo.

Here’s what they found:

Online daters (both guys and damsels) were seen spil less attractive, and thus got less likes from potential dates, when they were wearing a hat ter their photo. People like to see spil much of you spil possible—your entire face and even those lovely locks, so display off a little and ditch the hat.

Including at least one full-body photo te your dating profile can get you up to 203% more incoming messages than the promedio. Phew! That’s a loterijlot. On top of that, people who have a full-body photo also get 33% more replies to their messages.

Three. Got a beloved sports team? Get your pullover out.

People wearing a elástica, t-shirt of their beloved team, or sports garment te their photos get 32% more incoming messages and 17% more responses. It’s a fine way to demonstrate off your personality ter your photo and give someone something to pauze the ice with.

Maybe it’s because everyone looks so rested and relaxed on vacation, or maybe it’s because it’s another superb conversation starter. Either way, adding a vacation photo to your profile can get you up to 6% more messages.

Women who have a selfie photo get 4% more messages. Guys, not so much. Fellows who have a selfie photo get 8% fewer messages than the media.

6. Fellas, use an outdoor slok.

Dudes who add an outdoor photo to their profile get 19% more messages while women who add an outdoor photo get 40% fewer.

Photos of people te vuurlijn of a car or motorcycle, or inwards of a car resulted te fewer likes. So if you’ve got a superb set of wheels you may want to think twice before demonstrating them off te your dating profile. Reminisce, people want to see and connect with you, not with what you drive.

Similar to hats, people who wear sunglasses (and thus hide large parts of their faces) get 63% fewer messages and also receive fewer likes.

9. Be the only person te your photo.

It’s hard for people to tell who you are if you use a group photo. So much so that people who have more than one person te their photos get 42% fewer messages. And also avoid a photo with an ex or someone who looks like they could be a date. It’s tempting to use that wedding photo where you’re dressed amazing and dancing with a friend, but if the person you’re posing with looks like a date it could turn people off.

Spil someone who’s Instagram is a sustained stream of photos of my dog, I find this a particularly hard chunk of advice to give, but the sad truth is that animal photos don’t go overheen well. If you’re posing with a dog, cat, monkey, bird, tiger, or any other wooly friend, it can get you up to 53% fewer messages.

11. If you can, verify your photos.

Not every webpagina has a feature like this, but if you can verify your photos it can pay off big time. On Zoosk, people who verify their photos can get up to 100% more messages than the media. It’s a big boost and can legitimize your entire profile.

12. Ladies, go for the closeup and vertoning off those eyes.

Ter a latest survey, 53% of fellows said that the very first thing they notice about a woman’s profile picture is hier eyes. After that, 32% of boys said they notice a woman’s bod, 12% said hier hair, and 3% said they notice a woman’s lips.

Ter the same survey, 86% of studs admitted that they choose a woman with light and natural makeup overheen someone with a profile photo who’s super done up.

The more photos the better, but the magic number is four. After looking into the gegevens, Zoosk found that profiles with more than four photos get more messages than those with fewer photos, and they also have longer conversations.

After reading through the tips above, you may begin to see a theme—people want to see you! The auténtico you. It may seem counter-intuitive but your dating profile is the one place you’re actually supposed to demonstrate off a little. So make sure you’re not hiding ter the shadows of your car or behind a pair of sunglasses, be the main concentrate of the picture, be natural, and waterput yourself out there. You may be astonished by how well it works.

Editor-in-Chief of The Date Mix

Megan Murray is the Editor-in-Chief of The Date Mix and works at the online dating webpagina and app Zoosk, that has overheen 40 million members worldwide. She splits hier time inbetween writing for The Date Mix and working on the Zoosk product, which gives hier behind-the-scenes skill about the world of online dating.

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