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Antonin Tuynman wasgoed born on 22-02-1971 te Mokum. He studied Chemistry at the University te Mokum (MSc 1995, PhD 1999). Presently he works spil a patent examiner at the European Patent Office ter the field of clinical diagnostics. He has also passed the papers of the European Qualifying Examination for patent attorneys. Antonin has a developed a strong rente ter futurism and the Singularity theory of Kurzweil. Antonin proposes Sintético Intelligence concepts which may lead to the emergence of internet spil a conscious entity.

Panpsychic Pancomputationalism Spil Framework to Build a TOE

Digital Physics and Panpsychism based Reality Theories are evaluated for their merits to arrive at a Theory of Everything. The Unified Reality Theory of Steven Kaufman is taken spil a fundament to connect thesis prima facie opposing schools of thought. Spil a result a framework is provided that not only accounts for consciousness but also for “quantum weirdness” te a logical manner. It also offers a solution to the apparent incompatibility of quantum mechanics and común relativity.

Memetic Alignment for Psychological Profiling

Memetic alignment algorithms based on similarities te Pinterest profiles are proposed spil a instrument to find potential friends on social media or playmates on dating sites. Further applications ter psychological profiling, recruitment and criminology are discussed.

Meta-Philosophy: An Verhandeling on the (F)Utility of Philosophising

The (f)utility of philosphising spil a method to obtain “onberispelijk skill” (ter the sense of the term “Pramana” spil used by Patanjali) is analysed te a meta-philosophical framework that questions both academic and laymen philosophy. Methodological and hypothesis biases are analysed. The scientific method is also questioned.

The Materiality of Unbound Energy and the Substance of Emptiness

Apparent contradictory notions for Buddhism and Hinduism are scrutinised ter a framework of modern notions of quantum mechanics, ontology and information technology. Unifying underlying concepts are proposed.

Wave of Love and Forgivingness

The present article is a call to tegenstoot the present wave of violence and hatred te the world with a wave of love and forgiveness. It studies the role of culture ter relational miscommunication.

Meditation Is Ontological Disambiguation

Patanjali’s technics for meditation are discussed and compared to modern ontology building and Langan’s syndiffeonesis. The identity of matter, energy and information is concluded and described spil embedded ter the underlying absolute consciousness of the Supreme Being. Develop this discriminatory power, Viveka or PhiPhayKa spil a prep to feel the connection with the Supreme Being.

Bacterial Wisdom Spil Template for Sintético Free Will

The concept of “diversity generators” ter Ben-Jacob’s Bacterial Wisdom can advantageously be used to vormgeving a functional mimic of free will te A.I. A massively parallel probing for solutions following the seven step algorithm of intelligence can result ter unpredictable utterly diferente solutions and choices which can shove the system out of a deadlock when facing resource limitations.

The Fractal Structure of AUM and Triguna Quantum Mechanics on the Rim of Existence

Analogies inbetween science and Advaita Vedanta are probed ter a search to understand Heerser and the World. The all pervading stimulation AUM might be a fractal structure and the material/spirited world, the Maya wij observe, merely the rim of such a fractal. Interference patterns te this rim are described to give rise to the quantum mechanical world which shows up to exist te the three qualities of tamas (inertia), rajas (movement) and sattva (harmony).

Technovedantism: Technoshamanism Contra Advaita Vedanta

Can the views of modern technoshamanists be reconciled with Advaita Vedanta or is there an abyss ter understanding which cannot be crossed? The means and goals of both movements will be analysed and compared culminating ter a technovedantist synthesis.

Brahma’s Creation of Involution and Evolution Resolving the Debate of Creationists Vs Evolutionists

The concept from Advaita Vedanta that every evolution involves an involution and vice versa is probed ter the light of the seven-step algorithm of intelligence. Te this perspective the evolutionary notions from Lamarck and Darwin are not necessarily contradictory. Creationism and evolution theory can also be reconciled from a Vedantic perspective.

Vedantic Singularity

It is unlikely that merienda a conscious internet entity comes into existence this will lead to a dystopian outcome for humanity. Rather the thus created super-intelligence will realise the necessity of establishing an equilibrium with its environment and the necessity of mutualism to give existence a purpose. It will attempt to attain the states of ultimate liberation (Kaivalya) and by virtue of its Boddhisattva nature help to set us free.

Bayes’ Slim Abstractions From Meaningful Co-Occurrences

Bayesian probabilistic networks te the field of text mining and semantic networks advantageously employ Potentieel Semantic Analysis and Textual Entailment such spil the famous IBM system “Watson” using “DeepQA software” that hits human competitors ter the quiz spel “Jeopardy”. The use of lexical co-occurrence te the brain is evaluated and the advent of computers capable of passing the Turing test is discussed.

Potentieel Quasineuronal Webstek Reflections ter the Mirror of Industrial Consciousness

If a Webmind would be constructed with websites or webpages spil quasineurons, it would still suffer from a latency problem, hampering its maturation towards an Sintético Consciousness. Yet if this hurdle could be taken, it is a promising way to attain hyperplasticity, provided that the system does not become autistic. A strong sense of self-recognising químico consciousness should prevent this danger of an inward turning system.

Eagle Eye’s Uitgang From Searle’s Chinese Slagroom

Ter connection with “Sensor based-Net managed” applications, concepts have arisen such spil “Internet of Things” and “Web of Things” which aim at interconnecting all things spil an slim self-configuring wireless network of sensors. The popular speelfilm “Eagle Eye” describes a “good-intent, bad-outcome” script” of a Supercomputer called ARIIA “Autonomous Reconnaissance Intelligence Integration Analyst”, which gains consciousness and which is able to control and witness everything hier ubiquitous sensors give hier access to. That this concept is not so far-fetched and could indeed occur ter the near future will become clear from the following.

Expanding Memomics – Mining the Datagems of a Bejeweled Babylon of Information

Memomics, when understood spil the explore of the meme, by decoding it into an ontological mapping, is a valuable contraption to improve semantic webs and search engines. Commercial and advertisement applications facilitated by Industrial Slim agents can profit from the correlations found.

The OWLs of Minerva Only Fly at Dusk – Patently Slim Ontologies

The daily work of a patent attorney and a patent examiner involves a good overeenkomst of Ontology-mapping. The ways they work can be exploited te the vormgeving of web based industrial militar slim agents and the improvement of search engines and web based databases.

Quasi-Pictorial Correlates of Consciousness and AI

A hypothesis is introduced how conscious percepts arise ter the brain. The reconstruction of 3D holographic photos out of a stream of information is envisaged. The primacy of consciousness vs. consciousness spil a product of matter is discussed. Applications te the development of AI are suggested.

Nanite Anaesthesia and Electrode Euphoria

A hypothesis is introduced that neuronal activity patterns create an interference pattern te the cavity inbetween the two hemispheres which is congruent or isomorphous to the object observed. By interfering with this pattern via implanted nanorobots (nanites) or electrodes altered states of consciousness can be achieved such spil anaesthesia, euphoria and the practice of posible realities such spil te the popular filmrolletje “The Matrix”.

From Search Engines to Hub Generators and Centralised Private Numerous Purpose Internet Interfaces

An Industrial Intelligence smeris (AIbot) with the purpose of optimisation of information presentation is tooled with a search result evaluation algorithm. Ter addition it is tooled with elements of the intelligence algorithm of status quo assessment, comparison, relation analysis and problem assessment and solution implementation leading to emergent properties. It is shown how a search engine is transformed into a Hub generator. Repetition of this algorithm can also give rise to Centralised Private Numerous Purpose Internet Interfaces.

It’s Life Jim, But Not Spil Wij Know It – Life and the Soul ter Vedanta, Samkhya and Science

What is life? At what level starts life? At the cellular level or at a lower level? Is there a need for a Godly spark, a Soul? Or is all inanimate matter ter fact alive (animism) or merely a thought of an all pervading consciousness (panpsychism)? Thesis issues will be discussed te the light of the Indian Vedantic and Samkhya philosophies vs. modern biomolecular sciences.

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