Dating: How To Avoid Rejection .

. Love’s mij not? . Loves mij?

When it comes to dating, there’s a loterijlot you can do to avoid rejection.

To commence with, providing a good very first impression usually gets your date wanting to know more about you! But you can spoil it all, even at the very end of a wonderful date, if you’re not careful! So make sure you begin off by arriving on time, and feeling positive and ensure you end your date respectfully.

Applying ANY kleuter of ‘pressure’ on someone te the early stages of your relationship may ultimately lead to rejection.

Two of the quickest ways to get rejected are if you apply too much pressure for physical voeling or for phone voeling too soon. Even if you pauze all the other ‘dating rules’ don’t do this, and you’ll get a loterijlot further with your dating life!

Just attempt to flow with the tempo at very first, things can commence off slow and fever up straks, or the other way around. At least at a natural tempo you both know where you stand.

Here’s some further tips about how you can avoid rejection:

  • Stay centred – Don’t emerge too ‘needy’ or ‘clingy’
  • Being respectful ter attitude and ter your deeds towards the other person. Including the language you use te your discussions. Be on your best behaviour. The other person wants to see and think the best of you.
  • Don’t mope – You’re on a date, for the purpose of pleasure, so leave the worries behind!
  • Don’t discuss emotional baggage/issues too soon. You scarcely know each other.
  • Don’t do too much disagreeing, if a ‘touchy’ subject comes up, find something else to talk about.
  • Don’t pretend to be someone else, the other person is there to date you!

Lastly, reminisce, you might be the most volmaakt, beautiful, fabulous creature ter the entire world, and yet you still can’t totally avoid rejection from time to time. It happens to Superstars, it happens to everyone. If you find yourself rejected for no evident reason, don’t count it spil being your fault, make it the other persons loss! Rejection can hurt your feelings, but they call it the ‘Dating Spel’ – get back out there and win!

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