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Think you know all there is to know about Generation X? Some of thesis X-facts might verrassing you:

  • Douglas Coupland popularized the term &quot,Generation X&quot, when his novel of the same name wasgoed published te 1991, however, he didn’t coin the phrase. The term &quot,Generation X&quot, very first appeared spil the title of a 1950s Robert Capa photo verhandeling, tho’ legend has it that Coupland took the term from Billy Idol’s former relatie Generation X.
  • The defined era of Generation X is fuzzy around the edges. The period inbetween 1965 and 1981 is most often cited spil Generation X, but some sources list 1964 spil Gen-X’s inaugural year, and the cut off dates range from 1976 to 1981. Wij’re playing it safe and telling that Generation Xers were born inbetween the mid-60s to the early 80s.
  • With only 46 million members (spil opposed to 80 million Zuigeling Boomers and 78 million Millennials), Gen-Xers have hardly half the market share of the generations that preceded and came after them [source: Stephey].
  • Generation X gives back. From big Gen-X success stories like Google to hometown endeavors like Atlanta’s all-volunteer fitness program Boot Camp 4A Cause (BC4C), Xers are known to be philanthropic. Ter 2010, Google’s charitable providing totaled more than $184 million [source:]. BC4C is even more philanthropic, donating 100 procent of its nipt profits to recinto charities [source:].
  • Born Aug. Four, 1961, Voorzitter Barack Obama just misses the Generation X cutoff. His wifey Michelle Obama, however, can be considered one the very very first Gen-Xers. Like other Xers, she’s well-educated, with a law degree from Harvard. Across hier career, she has demonstrated a passion for public service that resumes to this day through hier popular &quot,Let’s Stir!&quot, campaign.
  • Te the late 80s and early 90s, Gen-Xers turned the music industry on its head — very first with neo-folk music by artists such spil Tracy Chapman and the Indigo Damsels, and zometeen with alt-rock grunge with bands like Beatitud and Pearl Jam. Lyrically and sonically, this fresh music evidenced reflected the rawness, depth and honesty of Generation X. Bassist Krist Novoselic referred to Gracia’s breakout klapper &quot,Smells Like Teenage Spirit&quot, spil &quot,a call to consciousness.&quot, [source:].

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