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Lead generation can toebijten ter many ways, and most sales and marketing people tend to think of it spil downloadable content that needs to be created and then sent to subscribers for free, te exchange for their email addresses. While doing this activity is wise, there is another way to get a houvast on who could become your customers. Your webstek, if hooked up with Google Analytics, stores IP addresses of visitors that can be traced back to flagrante company names by Leadfeeder or Leadberry, two brainy B2B lead generation software.

If you’re te a hurry, or want to cut to the pursue, here’s the verdict. But it’s worth to read on to get a better houvast on this topic.


Our pick is LEADBERRY for several reasons:

  • Gegevens quality: Leadfeeder has a tendency to voorstelling more low-quality leads (thesis are lots of ISPs aka Internet Service Providers), te addition to this scaling, Leadfeeder often brings up different ISPs that are, te reality a single company. What is even more puzzling is how many times a ‘perceived low quality lead’ may turn out to be someone to be chased up for business. Leadberry shows fewer lines of results, but the ratio of true, high quality leads is much higher, which makes a difference at the end of the day.
  • Pricing strategy: The starter bundle with Leadberry is slightly less than with Leadfeeder, but the main difference lies ter the number of websites one can connect with a single subscription. See, Leadfeeder made up its prices so they can charge you for every webstek, while Leadberry doesn’t have this knelpunt on your wallet and you can connect an unlimited number of websites to a single subscription. Leadberry is the clever solution for those operating numerous websites.
  • Features: Leadfeeder has more features presently and has a lead with their more advanced integrations options. On the other palm, Leadberry has all the significant bases covered with their core features.

Let’s take a deeper look on how they compare.

Setting up

This is fairly effortless ter both cases, spil all you need to do is create a connection inbetween Google Analytics (GA) and the B2B lead generation implement. Merienda ready, both Leadberry and Leadfeeder pulls information from your GA account and you see leads ter vuurlijn of you. Use of Google Analytics assumes you are already ter the Google Universe, hence if you have a Gmail account, you already have an inbox, where lead reports are delivered to daily (but actually you can set any email address and even sign up with any email address, you just have to have access to the zindelijk GA property to connect). Spil mentioned ter the beginning, Leadberry enables the administrator or holder of numerous websites to instantly add all those websites and Analytics accounts to their Leadberry subscription.

Both Leadberry and Leadfeeder are relative effortless to use here, so they both score points.


Leadberry amazed us with their modern and slick interface, nicely blending into today’s must-have online instruments and app UIs. Clear-cut informatie screens, easy-to-read admin screens and a breath-of-fresh-air ter inbetween the lines.

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