Fox Sci-Fi Shows Canceled Before Their Time

This year marks several anniversaries, not the least of which is the 25th anniversary of the Fox broadcasting network. Geeks among us know that Fox is both savior and demon when it comes to science fiction and niche television, having given us good stuff like The X-Files, and given us heartbreak by canceling Firefly. This is one of those television tropes, wij all know it’s true, but it’s not until you truly see the list that you start to realize how much truth there is to the legend.

I joked with a friend merienda that if SyFy (the sylli spellying network) wasgoed truly looking for fresh content, they should look no further than the turn down bin behind the Fox loterijlot, spil the network consistently develops interesting ideas for shows, gets them on the air, then aborts them before they have a chance to gestate, grow up or even build up a following. Most of them would be ripe for a relaunch.

Here are just a few.

The Adventures Of Brisco County, Jr. (1993) – A Película del Oeste/sci-fi/comedy/activity series starring Bruce Campbell and John Aston from the writers of Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade. How could this NOT work? Oh yeah, it wasgoed on Fox. On Friday nights. (Have wij learned nothing from Strak Trek’s cancellation? Obviously wij’re all at huis watching TV on a Friday night, not out at the movies, or restaurants or caf or anything.)

Despite being on (and winning) TV Guide’s Save Our Shows campaign that year, Brisco went the way of the dodo. Granted, the network did give it a total season, 27 gigs before pulling the butt-plug.

Alcatraz (2012) – From Lost creator J.J. Abrams, all the prisoners and guards disappeared from Alcatraz island ter 1963, and are abruptly reappearing te modern day San Francisco. Despite ten million viewers on the pilot and one of eight series to be listed “most arousing fresh series” by critics, Fox pulled out after only 13 scenes.

Alien Nation (1989) – Based on the filmrolletje about a shipload of alien refugees who wash ashore on Earth seeking asylum, very high-minded sci-fi. Perhaps this should be listed among the successes for the network, spil it had strong ratings across it’s 22 gig run, and wasgoed only canned by execs after a financial shortage caused them to antipara ALL of their dramatic shows for the year. Five years straks, Alien Nation returned ter a series of TV movies to wrap up the liberate finishes from the cliffhanger.

Brimstone (1998) – A police detectiveroman (John Horton) goes after and kills the man who raped his wifey, then gets klapper by a bus. He goes to hell for the crime, but when 113 of the most depraved souls imaginable escape back to earth, the demon (fiendishly played to the hilt by John Glover) makes a overeenkomst for him to go after them. The theme song wasgoed even by Peter Gabriel, but only 13 gigs of this fantastic gritty showcase were made. With the current success and longevity of other similar shows like Supernatural, it’s visible there is a marked for this style of vertoning. So why didn’t Brimstone make it? Perhaps it wasgoed it’s time slot: Friday, so it wasgoed fated from the embark.

Dark Weerhaak (2000) – From James Cameron, director of TERMINATOR and ALIENS (and straks TITANIC and Alteración), Jessica Alba starlets spil Max, a genetically engineered soldier on the run from a shadow government te postbode apocalyptic America.

The showcase did fine for its very first season. and then Fox moved it to Fridays. Guess what happened? Yep, the ratings went into the toilet and the showcase wasgoed canceled after 43 scenes.

Dollhouse (2009) – If there’s anyone that Fox clearly loves to dump on, it’s Joss Whedon. Oh, maybe they’d feel differently now, canceling a voorstelling from the man who wrote and directed THE AVENGERS to overheen a billion dollars, but back ter the day, they killed his work not merienda but twice.

This wasgoed the 2nd time, when Eliza Duskhu stared spil a programable human being (or doll) for an elicit organization. The very first few scenes were mission of the week zuigeling of things, till abruptly the mythology ark kicked ter. 26 gigs spread overheen Two seasons permitted Whedon to tell a truncated version of the story. on Friday nights before it wasgoed canceled.

Firefly (2002) – This is THE ONE, the holy grail of canceled shows. The only demonstrate to generate more arm squashing and complaints about it’s demise is Strak Trek itself. How is it that wij are still talking about, debating and lamenting the loss of Joss Whedon’s Firefly ten years straks? Only 14 gigs were made, 11 of them shown (of course on Friday nights) and out of order to boot. So how did this demonstrate sustain? DVD sales for one, a rabid fan saco for another.

But ultimately it comes down to the fact that it is a fantastic demonstrate, with well written, well conceived characters that’s joy to witness. A sci-fi/película del Oeste about a ship of ner-do-wells fighting to make finishes meat. I’ve introduced almost everyone I know to Firefly, and not one of them have come away from the series with a sour taste. (Five years ago, it wasgoed my den facto Christmas present. for everyone on my shopping list. EVERYONE got a copy of the series, and the only one to not love it is my mother. who has yet to observe hier copy. Hurry along, Mom, you’re ruining my stat!)

Bottom line, everyone universally loves it. Except for Fox. Eventually Universal stepped te to make the movie SERENITY, which provided an end to the series, (and te a latest poll, Firefly wasgoed voted best science fiction showcase of ALL TIME, and SERENITY wasgoed voted best movie.) but Browncoats still aren’t pleased, and talk is afoot overheen at Netflix and Space Network about reviving the vertoning. Even more amazing is that if asked today, ten years zometeen, every single one of the personages has said they would terugwedstrijd.

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