If you agree, that’s fine.

I meet a loterijlot of women who consider this insulting or at least an outdated way of thinking but why is it so wrong?

If that is what the woman wants and agrees to, and you pick up an equal amount of work te other areas, it is fine.

+ a multillion procent! Guys and women should share te such duties. A woman is NOT a maid or a servant. This is the 21st century, not the 18th!

For some women there is nothing wrong with it. For others they find it insulting. If that’s what you’re looking for ter a playmate then it sounds like you might want to embark looking ter different places.

Here, here. There has to be equal respect inbetween parties and clear communication.

What if the women will expect same thing from his man, will this be o.k with the man? Will man not feel the insult ? Than if some women feel this outdated and insult than what’s wrong ter this.

I don’t think it’s about sharing geysers identically, but pitching ter where your strengths are. for example I cook, because if my hubby did, wij’d all diegene. However, if a kid is vomiting (perhaps from the man’s cooking) then he cleans it up, because his gag reflex is less sensitive than mine.

He can do his own laundry, because I’m not his mother, and I don’t stink up his clothes, but if I’m doing laundry anyway, I’ll do his too. If he’s having a self proclaimed hockey marathon day, then he can fold my underwear while he cheers and swings his arms about. (preferably not when there are friends overheen)

If I happened to have a busy week doing the majority of the work because he worked a lotsbestemming of overtime, then I do it. Then take a self proclaimed sleep te the next saturday.

Love is give and take, not a feminist equality masculine predominance mantra, or a pig headed sexist, 1940’s pubic hair man dictatorship.

Hahaha, that’s so funny &quot,wij would all diegene.&quot, That’s how I feel about MY cooking. And that’s true about the gag reflex for mij too. I think I’m just worthless around the house, lol.

Agreed. but what do you mean by looking ter different places?

Well, where are you looking? Where do you go to meet women? You’re presently meeting women who feel this way so obviously wherever you’re going is packed with like-minded women.

It depends. If he goes out and works everyday and she stays huis then I see nothing wrong with him expecting hier to cook and clean. If they’re both working or both staying huis, than they should share the responsibility.

why should they share those particular responsibilities? thats like telling i cut the grass one week and my wifey cuts the grass next week. its preposterous. There are more responsibilities te a huis besides cooking and cleaning. Some are prescribed for women and others for studs. Should a man expect his woman to clean the gutters?

They are not prescribed. That is entirely cultural. That is why you and your playmate make sure you agree on who should do what. If you agree, that’s fine. But you can’t expect hier to read your mind and just fall te line with what you think. You need to talk about it like a grown up person.

This is exactly WHY you receive negative responses from women: because you hold the view that certain activities are PRESCRIBED &quot,WOMANLY&quot, or &quot,MANLY&quot. Here is the response you will receive from educated, modern women: &quot,F*** that.&quot, Believe it or not, not all women like to cook and clean! Wow! Imagine that! And yes, wij know how to climb a schop and clean gutters. (Wow! imagine that!)

&quot,If I had a woman who would cook and clean for mij, I’d treat hier like a queen&quot, well, then, you’ve piqued hier rente and hier response might not be so hostile.

For a man to do a job that a woman may not be physically capable of doing has nothing to do with culture its only common sense for the man to do it.

I am assuming your playmate is able bodied. Spil such she could clean out the gutters if that is the work division you agreed to. Cleaning out gutters is not that hard, my 70-year-old mother has no trouble doing it and neither do I.

neither would i.

I think women would only find it insulting if they were working utter time and then had to come huis and get dinner ready and clean all evening while their hubby observes tv.

I think the entire problem is the &quot,expectation&quot. There needs to be communication and agreement. If the wifey/gf/playmate has agreed to cook and clean and both parties are pleased then it’s not wrong.

LOL – I love how emotive this subject is!

P.S. I merienda dated a boy when I wasgoed still working who expected mij to work all day and then come huis and cook, clean and metal his clothes. he didn’t last very long. 😎

It would be wrong ter my case, because I suck at cleaning, and always undercook things. But I grew up with a single dad who hired maids and wasn’t that daring of a cook. So, I never learned thesis things. Some studs have had the oportunity to learn how to cook and clean, and fairly frankly, they are much better homemakers than I will everzwijn be.

I think it’s wrong for either to expect chores from the other. Isn’t it better for the duo to just do what they are better at? I’m good at cleaning, but my beau is good at cooking. So I clean and he cooks.

Te 2012, this is most undoubtedly a snaak decision, project and/or agreement for every individual duo. I think wij can all agree there is a multitude of duties, responsibilities & chores that are involved ter the upkeep of a huis & family. It seems rather antiquated, to say the least, to prescribe certain duties spil a &quot,woman’s&quot, job or a &quot,man’s&quot, job. Both sexes are quiebro capable of treating any of a vast majority of duties and chores. I’m sure wij can each look at our own situation and see where it may differ and/or be similar to many others. There are those who have a downright unique situation that works for them.

You use the word, &quot,expect,&quot, which can instantaneously waterput readers off (especially female readers). Perhaps you are guilty only of a poor choice ter that particular word. Overlooking that, I think I am able to understand the gist of your question. Unluckily, spil is so often te this Q&A section, enough information is uncommonly given for readers to form a fully accurate view of the reason behind the question.

If you, (ter your words) &quot,expect&quot, thesis things from your wifey. what is it you colchoneta this on?. Is it te terms of what you do and the responsibilities you have and what you contribute to your huis and family?

All of this matters. Ter any case, I can share a bit about what goes on te our huis. My spouse and I take care of that portion of responsibilities that wij actually want to, because 1. wij love it Two. wij do it best Three. wij don’t want the other to do it. It works out so well and fairly, by the way. For example. the yard and lawn care is unspoiled pleasure to my spouse, so obviously, he does it all. and takes care of the trash, spil well. He does all the grocery shopping because he wants to buy the foods of his choice, and this is fine with mij. On the other forearm. I do NOT want him near the kitchen. strafgevangenis the laundry slagroom for Two reasons. wij would starve and wear shrunken, stained, puckered clothes. I dangle signs te thesis rooms for him to stay away. Wij sometimes do housework together, my hubby helping mostly with moving strenuous furniture, climbing ladders. etc. but I do the deep cleaning. What passes spil &quot,clean&quot, to my spouse, could never pass my inspection. So you see, couples can and do come to very feasible terms and can agree on how they run their huis.

Ter the long run, what’s most significant and I’m sure you know this. is that you get along well and have a blessed huis. The surplus is just &quot,stuff.&quot,

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